Last week was pretty busy for me! First I wanted to share my new bike with you! I am so so happy with it! My previous one broke after about 3 weeks and I was sad about it so I hope this one will last longer! Taking a bike is so much healthier than going by car or by bus and the summer time is the perfect time to get a healthy lifestyle of course!

Well it also helps if you eat healthy. I try to, but I’ve seen recently that the best restaurant in Riga opened a new bakery. Guess where it is situated? Right next to our place! Of course I had to try these cakes. And they are a-ma-zing-ly good!

This week I came to the Netherlands and the weather was so so great! We walked with my parents and the dogs a lot and when I am here I love going to the beach! It’s my perfect place to be! Besides look at it – how can you not love it!?

This is me getting ready for a new great day! Love this lip lacquer by the way – this shade is just perfect! This is rimmel apocalips. I also love the effect that Agnes B blush gives to my cheeks: they’re glowy and fresh at the same time!

Happy me with the doggies! I touched the sea water first time this year. I didn’t go far into the sea but I saw 2 guys swimming already. In the North Sea! I must say, I have expected the water to be a lot colder than it is!

And here’s a small video of this beautiful place! By the way, this is the beach of Hoek van Holland. We walked about 11 kilometers on the beach through ‘s-Gravenzande to Monster! I was really proud. By the way, this boat looks so “pirates of the Caribbean” to me!

I must confess…I have also eaten some cakes. Can’t resist it, sorry!

By the way, I write less posts now and they are posted on unregular times because I am very busy with our wedding organization at the moment! Besides, I forgot to take the hard disk with the photos I wanted to post with me…Sorry for the inconvenience!

How did you spend the last couple of weeks?