Keeping your tools clean is a very important thing. You apply different products on your face every day. Besides the face that colors get mixed on your brushes, bacteria also love dirty brushes. So you have to clean your brushes well! Of course you have some sprays and liquids that help you do that on a day-to-day basis and today I decided to test all 3 of them!

MAC Brush Cleanser

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The first brush cleanser is my very first brush cleanser. It has 235ml in it (7.9 fl.oz) and that lasted me more than a year. I clean my brushes now and then and I clean my brushes that I apply foundation with every day. This brush cleanser is alcohol-based and you can use it for any type of brushes, both with synthetic and with natural bristles. You can smell the alcohol very well so no doubt about the fact that your brushes will be disinfected!

Overall Opinion:

Out of 3, this is the best overall brush cleanser. It cleanses the brushes quickly, I only needed about 10 seconds to get my brush completely clean. It does dry the bristles out the most, but I can’t say it spoils them. So this one is the winner for me!

Overall Note: A-.

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Make Up For Ever Brush Cleanser

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This is also an alcohol-based brush cleanser and can be used for any type of brushes, as well as the MAC one. It does take longer (twice as long, especially for the brushes with synthetic bristles!) to get my brushes clean with this one, so that’s why this brush cleanses lost it to the MAC one. I do think it’s more delicate than the MAC one, although there’s not much difference.

It smells strongly like mint and has 210ml (7.10 fl.oz) of product in it.

Overall Opinion:

This is the losing brush cleanser, although it’s doing its work pretty well! The brushes are still clean, it just takes a bit longer.

Overall Note: B.

Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser

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This brush cleanser is meant for the brushes with synthetic bristles. I don’t have that many of them so I only have this miniature with 50ml (1.69 fl.oz) in it. This brush cleanser is oil-based and that’s the reason it’s meant for the brushes with synthetic bristles! It does cleanse them really well and fast and for the synthetic bristles I think it’s better than the MAC one.

Overall Opinion:

This is the best cleanser for the brushes with synthetic bristles. However, the MAC one is still the winner as it’s better for all bristle types!

Overall Note: A.

Here’s a small video demonstration of MAC brush cleanser, Make Up For Ever Brush Cleanser and Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser:

Which one is your favorite brush cleanser?