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Overall Note for Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze from Transat Collection (out of 10):

Effect - instant
Effect - after 5 days

Yesterday I promised you a review for a primer/bronzer from Dior Transat Summer 2014 collection so here it is: Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze.

I was out of self tanning lotion for my face when I saw this! Besides being a self-tanner, it’s also a primer for the makeup.

 photo dior1of1_zps146cc5fe.jpg

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze: Product Description

The first primer especially for summer! From the first application, its light and ultra-fresh texture, sublty tinted, primes the skin for bronzing makeup and enhances the complexion with a light tan to create the illusion of a natural healthy glow. After one week of application, its progressive self-tanning effect bathes the complexion in a bright, even and perfectly natural-looking tan.

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze comes in 2 shades:

  • 001 light skin (peaux claires)
  • 002 matt skin (peaux mates)

As my skin is very light, I obviously have the one for light skin!

The packaging is very pretty: bronze-coloured with shimmery packaging. It has 30ml (1 fl.oz) of product in it.

 photo IMG_2553_zpsa946a58c.jpg

It is a tube with a pump, it comes in a classic dark blue Dior carton box.

dior diorskin nude tan prime bronze photo IMG_2559_zps3759e502.jpg

Shade 001 light looks pretty orange on the hand, but the most self-tanners look a bit orange, even the ones for fair skin.

dior diorskin nude tan prime bronze photo IMG_2563_zpsd78174f3.jpg

I took this picture in the sunlight because I wanted to show you the nice glowy effect Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze instantly gives! By the way, look at the dark spot on my hand: that’s where I initially applied it. I took a picture and only then blended it out. So when you apply it on your face make sure you blend it out directly after application! Otherwise your face will be covered by spots like this one.

dior diorskin nude tan prime bronze photo IMG_2571_zps1c2a1ff3.jpg

Now as to the effect on my face. I’ve tested it for about a week now. These 2 pictures were taken on day 1, the left one was taken just after I applied my day cream and the right one was taken after I applied Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze:

As you can see, the product gives an instant sunkissed look to your face! The skin is more even and glowy. I like it!

 photo day1_zps477a3956.jpg

This is the comparison of my bare skin before I started using Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze and after 5 days. So it works pretty well as a self-tanner, too! I like the colour of it, it doesn’t look too orange or weird.

 photo befores_zps8d823839.jpg

And here I applied Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze on both pictures! The left was taken on first day of usage of Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze and the picture on the right was taken on day 5 of usage of Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze.

 photo afters_zpsd7233d44.jpg

My Opinion:

I like Diorskin Nude Tan Prime & Bronze! First because of its texture: it’s very light, like a gel. It didn’t clog my pores and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It has a nice neutral smell, no typical self-tanning lotion smell which is great. It gets absorbed within a couple of minutes and serves as a great makeup base. It gives that healthy glowy look to your skin which doesn’t disappear completely after the application of a foundation or a BB cream. I like it as a self-tanner and as a primer, I have nothing to complain about so yes I can definitely recommend this product!

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