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So your wedding preparations are launched, you’ve chosen the number of your guests and your wedding format so now it’s the time to start looking for wedding venues and reception sites! Today I’ll share my tips with you on how to find perfect wedding venue and reception site!

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I think many people get lost in the steps they should take before choosing a perfect wedding location. The first thing you have to find out is of course whether the wedding reception site and venue is still available for your date. The next three most important factors are:

  • your budget
  • max number of guests – venue capacity and
  • location


The most important of these criteria is of course your budget.You can choose the most beautiful castle but it’ll only bring disappointment if you can’t pay for it! So start looking for wedding venues keeping your budget in mind.

The other important question is: do you want to get married at the same location as the location of your reception? If so, always check if that possibility exists!

Number of guests

This is also an important point. The location should feed perfectly for your amount of guests! It’s clear that guests will not feel comfortable when you put 150 person into a venue that could only fit 100. But they won’t feel comfortable in a too big hall either: when there’s too much space left, people might feel lost and less sociable. Make sure that your venue is perfect for your amount of guests. Draw a table plan and leave some free space for the dance floor/the stage.



Your actual wedding location is very important too. It should be easily accessible for the most guests. Otherwise you’ll have to provide for transport which means extra costs! Is it a location that’s easy to find? No? Then think about giving your guests clear directions on how to get to your wedding. You wouldn’t want people coming too late because they were completely lost and couldn’t find it, would you?

Other important criteria:

So let’s say you had 50 different venues. A third of them was eliminated by the budget criterion, another third by the maximum capacity and some more by the location. Then there were places you just didn’t like or didn’t find your wedding theme and style. So let’s say, there are 3 locations left on your list. What I would recommend now is visiting all 3 of them and talk to the owner. Ask them the same questions, then come back home and decide what fits you best!

Important questions to ask when visiting wedding reception sites:

  1. What are the fees? Do you have to pay for the hall separately?
  2. What is included in that price (think about: chairs, linnen, napkins, glasses, electricity bill, decorations…)
  3. Do they have their own kitchen and fridge?
  4. Do you have to hire their catering or can you hire the caterer of your choice?
  5. Can you come with your own DJ and sound/lightning equipment? If not, what are the extra fees for hiring it at site.
  6. How much are the post-party clean up fees?
  7. What are the extra costs?
  8. When are you allowed to start decorating the place (some location allow to come on the night before the wedding, others only in the morning)?
  9. When do you sign the contract?
  10. When do you have to pay? How much do you have to pay in advance and when?
  11. If you’re planning to do your reception at an outdoor location – is there a bad-weather back up plan?

When you have the answers to all of these questions, you can make your choose and book your wedding reception venue!