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Hakuhodo Brushes Review:

Hakuhodo J5523
Hakuhodo J142

Brushes are just as important to the quality of your makeup as well, the makeup. Or actually, you could say that they’re even more important! They’re the tools that are necessary to get one effect or another. They are supposed to do what your hand tells them to. So yes, brushes really are important for a makeup artist or any other girl who likes makeup! Have you ever heard people say that “you don’t really have to do a lot with this brush, it basically does all the work by itself, you just have to move it around?” Well yes such brushes do exist!

Nowadays you can find the brushes in all possible sizes and price categories. Of course the best ones are made or natural bristles and are hand made.

Hakuhodo is a Japanese brand. They make brushes of really high quality and Japanese precision and technology. I’ve heard so many good stuff about them but the problem is their website ships mainly to Japan and/or USA. I mean, they do offer worldwide shipping but I didn’t want to pay huge taxes and everything. But in the end I just had to try them out so finally here they are!

I decided to start by some eye brushes.

Everyone knows about MAC 217: I think it’s the most popular blending brush. Mine is starting to get old now so I decided to buy 2 brushes that seemed alike to me:

  • Hakuhodo J5523 and
  • Hakuhodo J142

Here they are:

hakuhodo brushes j5523 j142 photo hakuhodobrushesj5523j1423of5_zpse1472b5c.jpg

Hakuhodo J5523

Hakuhodo Eye Shadow Brush Round & Flat. The bristles made from goat are soft on your skin and provide moderate resilience. This brush can be used for the upper eyelid area and produces great coloring and also can be used with all types of products ? liquid or cream base makeup and even powder.

Some photos from the official Hakuhodo website:

hakuhodo j5523

hakuhodo j5523

This is the brush that looks like MAC 217. It’s quite different though: anyway, the MAC brush handle is longer and slightly thicker. The brush itself is much softer but keep in mind that my MAC brush is almost 5 (!) years now. The shape of the bristles is a little bit different too: J5523 is slightly more pointed, flat and wide than MAC217. The length of the bristles is the same.

hakuhodo brushes j5523 j142 photo hakuhodobrushesj5523j1422of5_zps34aa17e3.jpg

Left: Hakuhodo J142. Right: Hakuhodo J5523.

Hakuhodo J142 (BJ142) Eye Shadow Brush Round

The bristles are made from resilient yet soft goat that can produce great coloring. Smudging and blending colors can be easily achieved. Also ideal for highlighting.

Some photos from the official website:

hakuhodo j142


Hakuhodo J142 has slightly longer bristles than J5523. It has also a tapered point. The brush is really soft.

hakuhodo brushes j5523 j142 photo hakuhodobrushesj5523j1424of5_zpsbf5b2799.jpg

Left: Hakuhodo J142. Center: MAC 217. Right: Hakuhodo J5523.

On the picture above you can see all the three brushes together: Hakuhodo J142, MAC 217, Hakuhodo J5523.

Here is the view from above:

hakuhodo brushes j5523 j142 photo hakuhodobrushesj5523j1425of5_zps7849d0fe.jpg

Left: Hakuhodo J142. Center: MAC 217. Right: Hakuhodo J5523.

My Opinion:

I am in love!!! Seriously, this was one of the best investments of the past time. The quality of the brushes is a-ma-zing!!! They are really soft and precise and do exactly as I want them to. I love using J5523 as a blending brush. The colors blend softly and nicely into one whole makeup and yet there’s no mess even if you mix 2 colors that actually shouldn’t work together. I love J142 for more precise work like when I want to have a smoky effect on my crease. You can work lightly with the tip or apply more pressure and have a more blended effect. You can also apply color with both of them, you can do so many things and they are really-really soft!

The only downpoint is as I said: you have to order from American website. No problem if you live in the USA but for Europe it can cause some extra pain with taxes and extra fees and long delivery. But I can tell you this: it is 100% worth it!

  • Where to Buy:

Hakuhodo USA

Price: Hakuhodo J5523 is 18$, Hakuhodo J142 is 18$.