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Janssen Rich Eye Contour Cream Review (out of 10):

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As I told you before, I have switched over to professional skincare products lately. The product that I I’m the most difficult to please with is of course the eye cream! My eyes are…demanding: I need a good dose of lifting to make sure my eye lids look even. Also, the skin around my eyes is really sensitive and thin. So finding a good eye cream is a tough thing for me! So when I saw that Janssen Rich Eye Contour Cream was meant for demanding skin I thought it was really something for me and I decided to try it out right away!

janssen rich eye contour cream

 Janssen Rich Eye Contour Cream Product Description

 Smoothing, high-quality eye care with immediate and a long-term effect. Active substances fill the moisture deposit and stabilize the skin’s protective function. Innovative active substances lend the skin more radiance and freshness. Premature skin aging is noticeably combated Apparantly, this cream comes in 2 versions: regular 15ml and professional 30ml size. I have the bigger one! I’ve been using it for about 2 months now but as it is a pump tube, I have no idea how much there’s still left. The texture of this cream is pretty lightweight despite the word rich in the product’s name. The cream is white, not too thick/greasy, gets absorbed quickly.

My Opinion:

This is a great eye cream! I think the description is pretty accurate. It is not too thick and doesn’t make your eye lids heavier. It gives great hydration and comfort. It doesn’t have any particular fragrance, it’s pretty neutral. I use it in the morning and in the evening for 2 months now and I’m happy about the result! My eyes look great, fresh and hydrated and the skin is smooth and soft. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, it calms the eyelids down, erases the signs of fatigue and plumps up the small wrinkles (I have a couple of tiny wrinkles under my eyes). Definitely, I like this product a lot!

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