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Skinlite Cooling Cucumber Pads Review:


Do you remember the times when your mother/grandmother used to put fresh cucumber pads on her face? I do! Skinlite was also inspired and decided to make Cooling Cucumber Pads! They’re all ready to use. Basically this is a sheet mask in another format! I was really curious to find out whether it works or not.

I already did a series of posts on sheet masks and in general I like them a lot. They’re really easy to use, no mess, good effect. So I was really curious about Skinlite Cooling Cucumber pads! I’ve also seen other vegetable masks at Sasa: carrots, tomatoes…it’s like a grocery store but for your face!

Skinlite Cooling Cucumber pads come in 2 sizes:

  • 10 pads (for 1 time use if you’re applying them all over your face or for 5 times if you’re applying them on your eyes only) and
  • a box of 24 pads

I decided to start small:

skinlite cucumber cooling pads photo skinlitemask2of5_zpsaf5fc3f9.jpg

On the backside of the packaging you can read all the information. There are also ingredients listed:

skinlite cucumber cooling pads photo skinlitemask3of5_zps9583e573.jpg

By the way, don’t get scared because of the price: I bought these in Hong Kong, so the price is in HKD – Hong Kong dollars! Basically you have to divide it by 10 – then you’ll have the price in euros.

I washed my face and applied 2 pads on my eyes:

skinlite cucumber cooling pads photo skinlitemask5of5_zpsc9345b22.jpg

Then I visited the dreamland for about 15 minutes. I must tell you though, the pads started to dry out at minute 12 or something like that!

skinlite cucumber cooling pads photo skinlitemask1of5_zpscaa31ed4.jpg


skinlite cucumber cooling pads photo skinlitemaskafter1of1_zpse70c8948.jpg


My Opinion:

You can use these pads for your eyes only – then the packaging will be good for 5 masks or you can apply the pads all over your face, it depends on what you what. The main effect of these pads is that they cool your face down and relax it a bit but that’s it. No hydration/lifting/anything, just some relaxation. The area around my eyes looks just a tiny bit less dry on the lower picture but seriously you have to look very closely to see it. Definitely, it’s a nice extra mask that looks funny but absolutely no must-have.

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