Source: Photo by Braedon Flynn

So you decided to get married! Congratulations! You know more or less the process of wedding organization by now and the big question that arises at this point is your wedding format. Do you want to get married in the church or only at the city hall? Or maybe at some beautiful location? Or do you want to go even further and get married on a beautiful island far away from home? Everything is possible, you have to decide!

Classic Wedding

classic traditional church wedding


A classic wedding is when you have a civil wedding and a religious wedding on the same day. So you get married in the eyes of the state and the god. This is a great way to get married if you want to be traditional and you want to please your family!

Religious Wedding Ceremony

religious church wedding


I don’t know how it is in the USA and the UK (by the way, if you have some information about that leave a comment, I think it might be useful to some) but in France and in the Netherlands you’re not allowed to get married in the church if you’re not married legally. So you have to go to the city hall first in order to be able to get married in the church! What you can do though is this: you can invite a ceremony officiant from your city hall to your church! That way your marriage will be only at the church and yet you will be officially married!

Civil Wedding

City Hall Wedding

city hall wedding


If you’re not religious you can choose for a civil wedding. The first option that you then have is getting married at your city hall! Very classic! Some city halls can be really beautiful too! In the Netherlands most city halls are old traditional buildings. That gives a certain charme to your wedding!

Location Wedding at Venue of your Choice

location wedding


This is another interesting option! In the Netherlands you can get married almost anywhere now, but this building must have an address – that’s the only thing! You can get married in a museum, on the windmill, on the beach, you name it! This is a great option.

Destination Wedding

destination wedding


Finally you can go to a beautiful island and get married there! This is the most exotic and beautiful option you have. But there will be a lot of paperwork as the laws of the countries are so different! That if you want to really get married at your destination. Or you can get married at city hall and do your ceremony at some beautiful location, that’s another option that you have!

Have you already thought about your wedding format? What’s it going to be?