Everyone has his or her own opinion. About everything. We girls like rumours, discussing other people. And yet many people react very badly on criticism. Here I must tell you that many people are also bad at giving it. A lot of people would say “but it’s my opinion, I have the right to have one!” and then cover bad criticism or even insults under the tag “my opinion”. On my blog I have a category which is called ‘beauty inside’ and today I’d like to talk more about opinions and criticism.

Of course everyone loves getting compliments. Me I prefer getting the compliments that I earned, when I am happy with myself, too. I don’t like it when people lie to my when obviously I did a bad job and everyone knows it. I also have a good attitude towards criticism. I’ll tell you even more: constructive criticism is very important for a beauty blogger. What do I mean with “constructive criticism”? Well, something I can work with. Advise on how to improve myself and my blog. I don’t think that things like “I don’t like your…” can be called criticism. It’s just someone’s opinion and I agree that everyone has the right to have one. If they can express it correctly. Imagine how sad and dull the world would be if everyone had the same opinion on everything? That’s what I’m talking about.

how to escape criticism

Another thing is that often people can’t express their opinions correctly. Other people react very aggressively to even a correct opinion (even if it’s a negative one). If you are one of those people you should ask yourself why you react in this way. Maybe this opinion touches something inside of you because actually you agree on it but it’s just hard to tell yourself the truth? Then start working. You should understand first what exactly it is you don’t like about yourself.

The people always are separated into 2 groups: the ones that love you and the ones that hate you. You don’t know the rest.

In any case you should start by liking yourself. If you really are happy with who you are then negative opinions won’t touch you as much anymore. Of course it’s never fun to hear something bad about you, especially if it’s said in a rude form but in that case it’s the language you will be disturbed about not the comment itself. And this is another person’s problem. :)

Let’s treat it with an example here. “I don’t like your hair color”. It’s an opinion.

“I don’t like your hair color. Considering your color type I think a lighter and warmer color would suit you better.” This is constructive, useful, argumented criticism. It’s on you to decide whether to take this argument into consideration or not.

“I don’t like your hair color, you’re fat and not funny”. This is non-argumented, useless criticism. Just ignore it.

“I don’t like your hair color and you’re stupid”. This is an insult.

What else do you have to remember? You can’t be liked by everybody. It’s just impossible! The people always are separated into 2 groups: the ones that love you and the ones that hate you. You don’t know the rest. Just focus on positive people!


“What about work?” Well work is a different story. Because it’s professional relationships. And actually the only important thing is what people think of you as a specialist. Also diplomacy is important here. You have to do your best on improving your relationship with your boss. Even though you really dislike him or her as a person. If the things are that bad that it costs you too much energy well then it’s time to look for another job. “Just as easy?” Yep it’s just as easy. Don’t be afraid of the changes! Start thinking positively and the things will improve!

You have to improve yourself. It’s a life-long business and it’s hard. So start doing it today already! Start liking yourself today!

happiness is so easy