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Girls…we love the beauty stuff. But they beauty things is so much more than just the makeup, there are also all kinds of treatments, spa, massage, peeling, you name it. So in the end, when the prices add up your portemonnee can be pretty empty! So most of us have to rationalize and choose what products we like more than others and what you want to spend more money on. So I was wondering, what do you spend most of your money on in terms of beauty products?

Personally, I love high end makeup. And perfumes. And salon treatmens. And accessories. I love all the products and I love discounts and good deals so sometimes it’s really hard for me to resist something! But if I really have to choose I would say that perfume is really important for me. I wouldn’t feel myself without ‘my’ fragrance. I am a person who lives and feels in fragrances and many memories are associated with scents in my mind.

If I have to choose from all the makeup products I would definitely invest more into foundation and accessories (tweezers and brushes). I really think those 2 can create awesome looks, no matter what kind of makeup you use! Of course, then we’re not talking about whether the look will last or not but at least you can do something great for the photos.

For the rest I love beauty treatments but I still see them as a kind of a luxury. I sometimes go to a spa of do a facial but I would love to be able to do that much more often! Oh and I am so lucky about my hair, I love my natural hair colour so the only thing I do with it is that I cut it. That’s all! The rest I can do myself at home, I’m pretty fine with it.

I also am a huge nail addict and I still have an enormous nail polish collection which is collecting dust at this moment. I’ve been completely into semi permanent and gel nails recently and first I went to the beauty salon but now I can do it at home, too. I don’t buy nail polishes in huge amounts anymore, I’m kind of over it (for now?).

That’s it for me. What about you? What do you spend most of your money on for beauty products?