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You’ve spent many months organizing your wedding and making sure this will be your perfect day. Of course you want to keep the memory of that! So choosing a good photographer is really essential. For my wedding I took this seriously and looked litterally everywhere, I even considered inviting a photographer from another country to make our beautiful wedding pictures. I hesitated a lot and in the end I made a great choice! I know how tiring the search can be so let me help you make the right choice!

Step 1: Browse through wedding photographers’ websites

Just look through the wedding photos together with your fiancé and try decide for yourselves:

  • do you want posed photos or spontaneous, real emotions?
  • do you prefer full color of black-and-white photos?
  • do you want a glamour photoshoot or you prefer a free style?
  • and so on

This will already give you the idea of what you want and reduce the number of potential photographers.


Step 2: Send emails to all potential wedding photographers

Some photographers have a full description of what they offer on their website, others don’t. I don’t know what it is but you also have to ask for prices most of the time but the thing is, that the price is definitely a big factor for making your choice. So what I recommend is making an email draft and sending it to everyone that you liked. After you’ve gained all the information you can make your choice.

The questions that I think are important:

  • whether he or she is available for your date
  • price (what is included – how many filming hours, photo album, photoshop, CD/USB/BluRay, how many photos, that kind of things)
  • what are the additional costs
  • the equipment (camera and the lenses are both important, ask also whether the photographer has back-up equipment)

What’s also important is whether the person answers emails quickly. I’m saying that because I’ve had bad experience with this: my photographer was perfect in that sense. He was always ready to discuss the possibilities and answered quickly. But I had to send 3 or 4 emails to my videographer, call and sms for him to respond which caused me a lot of stress in an already stressful period.


Step 3: Make an appointment

After the most photographers are eliminated due to one reason or another and you only have a couple left you can make appointments. It’s very important to have a click with such an important person for your wedding and discuss the details!

Step 4: Make your choice!

Now it’s time to make your choice! You’ll have to finalize the date with your photographer, sign the contract and make the prepayment. Always make sure to be clear on what you get and discuss all in great detail!

I hope this article helps you!