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 Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing a workout. So you skip it. And then another one. And another one. Then you look in the mirror and you realize that you’ve skipped one too many. How to avoid this disappointment and always be fit? Here are my fitness motivation tips!

My workouts

Some time ago I started following Shaun T workouts with his newest fitness program: Focus T25. It didn’t really work that well for me as I always found it hard to find some motivation to follow the workouts as I’m supposed to. So now I decided to stop with it and return back to…Jillian Michaels! I decided to start again with 30 day shred. Last time I’ve had great results with this program. I’ve done my first workout this morning and I must tell you that I was pretty surprised how my body reacted. I remember when I first started last year, I thought I was dying the whole time and now it was (almost) easy. I said almost!!! So now I’m proud to be able to follow Nathalie (who does the advanced version of exercizes). I hope that the next 2 levels will go even better and the results will be astonishing.

Jillian Michaels

How to stay motivated?

The thing is with fitness, it’s just the same thing as with diets. You can’t tell yourself ‘ok I’m doing this workout every day for the next 30 years and then I’m done and I’ll have a god-like body’. That’s so nice and easy to think this way…and it’s so false! Having a fit body is a hard, life-long job. You always have to be on top, push yourself even further and never give up! That’s the only way you can have a great body.

great fitness motivation

Fitness motivation tips

What helps me motivate myself is seeing other fit people. My favorite social network is Instagram and I follow many people there that motivate me to push myself further and never give up. A couple of accounts that I follow are: @trainandtransform – I really think it’s inspiring to see how other people work for the bodies of their dreams. Sometimes you see shocking photos passing by there. I also follow @ig_weightloss, another amazing account with many motivation sayings and tips.

Here are some of my favorite motivations:

never skip a workout

improve your body for you

This one is great for the ones who love their weightscales:

fat muscle weight

As you can see, don’t get upset if your weight doesn’t go down. Maybe this means your muscles are growing instead ;-)

fit for life fit for summer

Share your fitness motivation tips!