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A great waterproof foundation that will last and last and last. A great choice for an important occasion or a long day.


What do you want the most when you are getting married? Of course you want to enjoy your wedding! And what do you want the least? Worry about your makeup! So for very special occasions like your wedding, a party, important presentation, TV appearance you have to choose a foundation that will stay and look perfect. Mostly you would want a long lasting foundation, with matte to natural matte finish and which will also be waterproof.

When I tried to decided which foundation I wanted to wear on my wedding day, the choice was made pretty easily. Nothing can better than a professional foundation right? So I went for MAC Pro Longwear!

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Description

A long-wear foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition. Lightweight and creamy, applies smoothly to provide sheer to medium coverage. Even in hot and humid conditions, controls oil to keep skin fresh, natural and flawless. Provides everyday SPF protection.

It is available in many shades:

  • N18
  • NC15, NC20, NC25, NC30, NC35, NC37, NC40, NC42, NC44, NC45, NC50
  • NW15, NW18, NW20, NW22, NC25, NW30, NW35, NW40, NW43, NW45, NW47

It comes in a carton box. There’s 30ml/1.0 fl oz of products in it which is not a lot:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation2of6_zpsb077aad8.jpg

Here are the ingredients:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation3of6_zpsdf12727a.jpg

MAC color system

MAC uses both letters and numbers for their shades. What does it all mean?

I’ve found a nice table explaining the MAC shades system:

MAC shades system

Source: mac-uponmymind.blogspot.com

So basically you can think about it the following way: NC shades neutralize cool undertones and NW neutralize warm undertones. I would recommend you first choosing the number of your shade and then apply both NW and NC versions on your face. Then you’ll see which half looks better!

My MAC pro longwear is in NC15:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation4of6_zps3c1be1ab.jpg

The packaging is a glass bottle with a pumping system:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation6of6_zpse8769e23.jpg

You should turn it to be able to press it:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation5of6_zps95018abb.jpg

MAC Pro Longwear NC15:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation1of2_zpscefde55f.jpg

Here I blended it out:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation2of2_zps016a55a7.jpg

Here is my bare face:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation1of4_zpsf760962c.jpg

Here I applied MAC Pro Longwear in NC15:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation1of1_zps633c9c20.jpg

And here is the full makeup:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation3of4_zps43d32354.jpg

I’m also wearing MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW15, Catrice Better Than False lashes mascara, Chanel Cream Blush 69 and Catrice Princess Peach 050 Lipstick.

After I was done with my makeup I decided to go to the central market in Riga. By bike. Normally this is a great idea: it’s about 15 minutes by bike, and the market is one of the biggest markets in Europe. You can buy really fresh food there and the prices are great! So I was cycling for around 2 minutes and then it started raining…I first thought it was a small rain and it will pass. But no! In the end it was raining so so hard that when I came there my face was dripping wet, my mascara was everywhere except on my lashes and my clothes were like if I jumped into a fountain. But I tend to always stay positive so I thought it was a great test for the foundation! When I finally came back home hours later (I had a lot of stuff to do) my face looked like this:

mac Pro Longwear Foundation photo macprolongwearfoundation4of4_zps55ef99df.jpg

By the way, I didn’t use a primer nor a finishing powder. Just the foundation! I didn’t do a single touch up ;)

My Opinion:

The texture is very liquid but it dries up within seconds of application. It has a neutral fragrance. The coverage is medium and buildable buy you have to apply it carefully and blend it at once. All in all, this is a great longlasting foundation! I mean, it survived my tears-wind-sun-beach wedding. It survived the several hours spent under the pouring rain. It’s perfect for a special occasion or if you need a waterproof foundation. You have to blend it out really well and work pretty quickly with it. It gives a matte finish but it won’t be completely matte if you have oily skin (look at my T zone on the photo with full makeup). If your skin is more normal then it might look a bit dry (look at my cheeks). It looks better with a primer – choose one according to your needs to make this foundation work on your skin! But all in all, this is a great product.

Advantages of MAC Pro Longwear Foundation:

Long wearing


Oil control

Natural matte finish

No powder needed

Comes in many shades

Disadvantages of MAC Pro Longwear Foundation:


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