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Make Up For Ever Lip Liner Concealer is my new must-have product for the lips! It makes the contour of the lips much neater and can also be used as a highlighter.


It’s amazing how sometimes you think you know (almost) everything and then you discover something really amazing. That completely changes everything! Before it was pretty hard for me to draw a neat lip contour. I had to sometimes redo it many times, correct and be really precise. And then I discovered this pencil…OMG, how could I live without it before!?

Make Up For Ever Lip Liner Concealer

The multipurpose Concealer Pencil camouflages small blemishes. The smooth, creamy texture of its two tips makes the mixing and blending of the two shades easy, for a very natural effect.

It exists only in one shade: 100, which is universal. It is a double-sided pencil: one side is perfect for correcting and the other one can be perfectly used as a highlighter.

Here it is:

 photo makeupforeverliplinerconcealer2of10_zps091b91bf.jpg

This is the corrector side:

 photo makeupforeverliplinerconcealer4of10_zps4b775bfe.jpg

This is the highlighter side:

 photo makeupforeverliplinerconcealer3of10_zpsa7d527e4.jpg

Here are the swatches:

 photo makeupforeverliplinerconcealer5of10_zps372b2140.jpg

You may be thinking that the highlighter is white but it’s not. To make that clear, here are the swatches of a really white pencil: MAC Fascinating. And if you look really well, there’s also a really nude pencil on top: Chanel 69.

So from top to bottom the swatches: Chanel 69 – Corrector side of Make Up For Ever Lip Liner Concealer 100 – Highlighter side of Make Up For Ever Lip Liner Concealer 100 – MAC Fascinating:

 photo makeupforeverliplinerconcealer6of10_zps30b33fd1.jpg

Here are my bare lips. As you can see, the contour of my lips is not really sharp:

 photo makeupforeverliplinerconcealer7of10_zps7ec701a1.jpg

Here I used the correcting side of Make Up For Ever Lip Liner Concealer 100. My lips do appear smaller at this point but that’s ok. I’ll correct that with lip pencil. It does make sure that the lip contour is neater:

 photo makeupforeverliplinerconcealer8of10_zpsa6538622.jpg

Here I applied lip pencil (the contour and blended it out towards the lip center). I also added a tiny bit of highlighter side of MUFE lip liner concealer just above my upper lip:

 photo makeupforeverliplinerconcealer9of10_zpsc0bf3431.jpg

And finally I applied some lip gloss!

 photo makeupforeverliplinerconcealer10of10_zpsf4322f69.jpg

My Opinion:

This product is amazing! It lets you create a nice neat lip contour. You can correct the lipstick with it, you can use it as a highlighter…you can use it in so many ways! I use it every day now.