I was thinking: all women go to salon appointments from time to time. I travel a lot and I’ve been to salons in a lot of places: from China to London. What I noticed a lot is that prices were really different! So I decided to do this article, compare the prices for salon treatments and decide which city you can spare the most money and where you’ll have to spend a lot!

You can say “well it doesn’t make sence since even in one city the prices can vary a lot”. True. So to make this article more or less objective I decided to do the following. I’m going to type the standard combinations in Google like “manicure london” and the click on the first link each time. I thought that the most popular salons must also be of average pricing. That’s the idea!

The other problem is the currencies. I’m going to convert the prices into euros to make them comparable!

So what are the comparison points? I decided to compare the cities for the following criteria:

  • manicure (cuticles, massage, top and base coat, color)
  • body massage (1 hour)
  • facial treatment (deep cleansing, 1.5 hours)

manicure prices comparison


beauty salon prices in london

  • Manicure 29£ (36€)
  • Massage 40£ (50€ ; ok for this one I took the second link because the first one was ehm…”body to body massage”)
  • Deep facial cleansing 95£ (119€)

Total for London:


New York

new york manicure prices

  • Manicure $33 (25€)
  • Massage $40 (30€)
  • Deep facial cleansing $215 (161€)

Total for New York:




  • Manicure ¥2,700 (20€)
  • Massage ¥7,200 (53€)
  • Deep facial cleansing ¥19,000 (139€ ; 1 hour)

Total for Tokyo:



цены салоны красоты москва

  • Manicure 990RUB (21€)
  • Massage 2080RUB (43€)
  • Deep facial cleansing 3000 RUB (62€)

Total for Moscow:




  • Manicure 15€
  • Massage 100€
  • Deep facial cleansing 110€ (1h15min)

Total for Paris:


So as we can see we all have to go to…Moscow! I must say I’m surprised as Moscow is a really expensive city! And the most expensive is Paris. Ha, I knew it!

But overall (except for Moscow) the prices are more or less alike. I’m surprised! That must be globalization of the economy, haha!

How much do you spend when you go to a salon?