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Philips Satinelle is a great epilator which I've had for over 12 years now. It still works fine and although it's pretty painful this is a very efficient hair removal method.

Duration of effect

I remember the day when my mother offered Philips Satinelle epilator to me. I was 14 or 15, I don’t remember exactly and I felt really grown and feminine. “I’m a real woman now” were my thoughts. I was proud to have a real electrical epilator. Then I turned it on and tried it out on my legs…ouch! It hurts! But I wanted to look gorgeous in my short skirts so I pushed myself through the pain. “I’m a real woman and I won’t cry!”. Twelve years later my epilator still works and I can tell you all about it! Read my Philips Epilator review if you’re interested whether this is a good hair removal option for you.

Obviously, you can’t buy my epilator anymore. Luckily, progress is going on! But the Philips Satinelle line still exists and I decided to share the description of the newest epilator with you.

Philips Satinelle Epilator Description

Enjoy long lasting smoothness with the Philips Satinelle epilator. Gently removes hairs as short as 0.5 mm from the root. For hair free skin up to four weeks. Includes 2 accessories. The ultimate hair removal experience.

My Philips epilator is very simple: there are no thousand different heads, no speeds, there’s just 1 speed and 1 head, a cleansing brush and a charger. And a cute white bag (which still looks good after all these years!)

Here it is:

philips epilator review photo philipsepilatorreview2of7_zpsac93e8b2.jpg

I still like the design of the epilator, I think it looks nice and I like the light blue color.

philips epilator review photo philipsepilatorreview4of7_zpsfe483324.jpg

Here is the epilating head:

philips epilator review photo philipsepilatorreview3of7_zpse49348e0.jpg

I have no idea anymore which model I have but it must be one of those, as this is the original charger:

philips epilator review photo philipsepilatorreview5of7_zps79f8e9c4.jpg

My Opinion:

First of all, I can’t mention the great quality of the product: it still works perfectly after 12 years! I’ve never had any problems with my philips epilator. It works as the clock! It removes about 95% of all the hair. I use it mostly for my legs: other areas are too sensitive for this epilator. The process is pretty painful, personally I find waxing less so. What I also don’t like is that I get huge red dots all over my legs after epilating and they need about a day to become less. But my legs stay hair free pretty long which is amazing. All in all, if you want a great product for the price you should definitely choose Philips Satinelle epilator!

As usual I’ve hidden the proof below as some people may not like the photos with hair and so. Click on the “+” to see the pictures:


philips epilator review photo philipsepilatorreview6of7_zpsc42561e3.jpg


philips epilator review photo philipsepilatorreview7of7_zps0f28570d.jpg

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Epilating in general:

In the end, epilating is probably the cheapest hair removal method. I mean, I’ve had the epilator for so many years! Yet it is also the most painful so whenever I have the chance not to do it, I skip it and shave my legs instead. Also I hate the small red dots! Because of course I think about epilating my legs right the moment I have to leave the house and I’m planning to wear a short skirt so I can’t have these dots! So you always have to do it in advance.

Advantages of epilating:


Longlasting result

Smooth skin

Disadvantages of epilating:

Pretty painful

Red dots and irritated skin