My wishlist update dates from beginning of the spring already so I decided that I needed to write a new one! These are the products that I mentioned the last time:

So as to the products that are on my current beauty wishlist, I have the following products on it:

  1. My main focus is still skincare, I am currently searching for good, no, best hydration especially for my eyes.
  2. A set of hair care products. I’m thinking about trying something new, maybe Joico…My hair needs a good hydrating boost! joico moisture recovery
  3. Actually I’m a bit more into fashion at this moment so I want to renew my wardrobe for the upcoming spring. Tell me if you know any nice online shops!

#1: I’ve bought Janssen eye cream, I’m still using it and I’m pretty happy with it! #2: I’ve bought Moisture Recovery Shampoo, Treatment Mask, Conditioner and Hydrating Spray from Joico. I’m still using some of the products. The serie is pretty good: it gives great hydration to your hair but doesn’t make it greasy. I recommend it actually! #3: I haven’t really done any online shopping except for what I’ve showed you already. I still prefer the offline shopping but I’m planning to do some orders for the autumn! The products that are on my wishlist now:

Mason Pearson brush

buy mason pearson brush online I’ve wanted a Mason Pearson brush for so long…I almost forgot about it and then…one day I was reading dog forums. Why? We now have a Pomeranian puppy since a week. I was wondering which brush I can use for it. So I went looking for the information and guess what? Some people actually recommend Mason Pearson brushes. For a dog! Maybe I should buy one for myself first haha!


buy blender online I am trying to get better in cooking. Recently we’ve bought a lot of interesting gadgets for the kitchen one of which is the multicooker that I absolutely love. I don’t know what I’ve done without it before! So I decided that if I improve the kitchen gadgets that I have maybe the cooking will get fun…eventually. So I decided that I had to have a blender!

Dog’s accessories

I never could even imagine the number of accessories dogs can have…especially the small ones! I’ve been reading forum and my doggy wishlist is exploding exponentially! And the cuteness of dog’s accessories exceeds all the limits. Look at this cute bed (even though Dahlia already has 2 dog beds):

luxe dog bed

Ok this might be a liiiiitle bit too much. I do want a handy dog carrier though. This would be a dream:

louis vuitton dog carrier

But unfortunately I can’t afford this one for now. I’ll have to find something more simple! Also the number of shampoos the dogs have…pff! haha! And the toothpaste of course:

dog's toothpaste

Nioxin shampoo and conditioner

buy nioxin online

My hair started falling out (again :S) and I decided to try out Nioxin system. I’ve heard good reviews about it and I hope it will help stop my hair from falling out!

That’s all for know!