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Chanel Rouge Allure is one of my favorite lipsticks. I love the packaging, the texture (not too dry, not too thick), the colors. Try it out!


Chanel Rouge Allure is probably my favorite lipstick ever. I must tell you that I love Chanel in general and the lipsticks are really good.

Chanel Rouge Allure

One red. One style. A woman’s allure is defined. With its line of rich and luminous shades, more intense than ever. ROUGE ALLURE offers a radiant and satiny makeup result with optimal hold, in an ultra-smooth, meltaway texture. Nestled in its sleek black case, ROUGE ALLURE reveals its full colour intensity and feminity in one simple click.

Frankly, I couldn’t have described it better myself! Whenever there’s something I don’t like, you know I tell you that at once but in this case there’s just nothing bad I can say.

The packaging is really pretty and sleek: you reveal the lipstick with one click. Packaging is black and gold, which looks really classy!

I have 7 shades of Chanel Rouge Allure:

  • Chanel Rouge Allure 124 Ambiguë
  • Chanel Rouge Allure 135 Énigmatique
  • Chanel Rouge Allure 129 Surprenante
  • Chanel Rouge Allure 85 Coquette
  • Chanel Rouge Allure 104 Passion
  • Chanel Rouge Allure 187 Génial
  • Chanel Rouge Allure 131 Étonnante

My favorite shade is Passion.

chanel rouge allure photo chanelrougeallure6of11_zpsd2a861d6.jpg

From left to right: Chanel Rouge Allure 124 Ambiguë – Chanel Rouge Allure 135 Énigmatique – Chanel Rouge Allure 129 Surprenante – Chanel Rouge Allure 131 Étonnante – Chanel Rouge Allure 85 Coquette – Chanel Rouge Allure 104 Passion – Chanel Rouge Allure 187 Génial:

chanel rouge allure photo chanelrougeallure7of11_zps4e7ebf1e.jpg

Bare lips:

chanel rouge allure photo chanelrougeallure1of11_zps63968e4a.jpg

Chanel Rouge Allure 124 Ambiguë:

chanel rouge allure photo chanelrougeallure2of11_zps6939c21e.jpg

124 Ambiguë is a really nice brownish nude shade with purple and silver shimmer.

Chanel Rouge Allure 135 Énigmatique:

chanel rouge allure photo chanelrougeallure3of11_zps5d95aa41.jpg

135 Énigmatique is a dark red shade with silver shimmer.

Chanel Rouge Allure 129 Surprenante:

 photo chanelrougeallure4of11_zps0e88a71b.jpg

129 Surprenante is a blue-based pink shade with violet shimmer.

Chanel Rouge Allure 85 Coquette:

chanel rouge allure photo chanelrougeallure8of11_zps48923298.jpg

85 Coquette is a pinkish red shade, really mild and pretty with a satin finish.

Chanel Rouge Allure 104 Passion:

chanel rouge allure photo chanelrougeallure9of11_zps1b97d2b7.jpg

104 Passion is my favorite one! This red is so intense and beautiful! I’ve already made a full review on this lipstick here.

Chanel Rouge Allure 187 Génial:

chanel rouge allure photo chanelrougeallure10of11_zpsb144532c.jpg

187 Génial is a bright pinkish coral shade with a satin finish.

Chanel Rouge Allure 131 Étonnante:

chanel rouge allure photo chanelrougeallure11of11_zpse9828f5e.jpg

131 Étonnante is a coral shade with purple and silver shimmer.

My Opinion

I love these lipsticks! The packaging is really beautiful. The colors are nice and pigmented, they’re all classy and Chanel-like. The texture is soft, pretty to wear, not too dry, not too thick, very comfortable for the lips. It’s pretty longlasting, but it won’t last really long. I really like it a lot!

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