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Hakuhodo Brushes: you get great quality for your money. I will absolutely order more of them!

Hakuhodo J5529
Hakuhodo J122

Last time I already showed you two of the first Hakuhodo brushes that I ordered: J5523 and J142. After I ordered those two I decided that I definitely needed some more of Hakuhodo! So I ordered 2 new brushes:

  • Hakuhodo J122 and
  • Hakuhodo J5529

Hakuhodo J122 Eye Shadow Brush Round & Angled

Carefully designed bristles create an angled brush surface for effortless contouring and highlighting. Resilient yet soft goat is used in the bristles and produces bright coloring.

Some photos from the official Hakuhodo website:

Hakuhodo J122 brush

Hakuhodo J122 brush

Hakuhodo J122 brush

Hakuhodo J122 brush

Here is mine. I’ve already used it for a couple of months now, it’s just been washed before I took this photo:

hakuhodo brushes review photo hakuhodobrushesreview5of8_zps0f20e794.jpg

I love using this brush for blending. When I’m done with most of my eye makeup I always finish it with Hakuhodo J122 and a bit of a neutral beige eye shadow (MAC Brulé/UD Foxy/UD W.O.S.). It blends everything perfectly and finishes up the makeup. I love the shape: it’s so easy to work with it under the eye brow and around the eyes! It really does everything by itself almost!

 photo hakuhodobrushesreview6of8_zpse7dfce28.jpg

Hakuhodo J5529 Eye Shadow Brush Tapered

The Hair used for this brush is resilient yet soft goat. Its hair length and shape enables you to achieve soft and natural coloring. With this eye shadow brush, you can naturally smudge and blend eye shadow. It also can be used with all types of products – liquid or cream base makeup and even powder.

Some photos from the official website:

Hakuhodo J5529

Hakuhodo J5529

Hakuhodo J5529

Hakuhodo J5529

I’ve used mine for a couple of months now, it looks much less tapered than on the photos and more fluffy:

 photo hakuhodobrushesreview7of8_zps169960b0.jpg

It’s still pretty small in diameter though:

 photo hakuhodobrushesreview8of8_zpsf72b6583.jpg

I like using J5529 a lot for applying eyeshadow in the outer corners, in the crease and closer to the lasline. It’s perfect both for application and delicate blending!

Here are both brushes again:

 photo hakuhodobrushesreview2of8_zps3bc8c49e.jpg

 photo hakuhodobrushesreview3of8_zps25a2fef3.jpg

Left: Hakuhodo J5529. Right: Hakuhodo J122.

hakuhodo brushes review photo hakuhodobrushesreview4of8_zps9275c1fa.jpg

Left: Hakuhodo J5529. Right: Hakuhodo J122.

My Opinion:

Hakuhodo J122 is my absolute must-have! I use it literally for every single makeup that I do. J5529 is used more occasionally. The quality of both brushes is impeccable, I’m really happy I discovered this brand!

Where to Buy:

Hakuhodo USA

Price: Hakuhodo J5529 is 17$, Hakuhodo J122 is 28$.