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Janssen Hyaluron Fluid is a kind of hydrating serum. It gives great hydration, smoothes and calms your skin down. Janssen Aloe De Stress peel off mask made my skin look much less red.

Janssen Hyaluron Fluid
Janssen Aloe De Stress Peel Off Mask

As the second post for my skincare week I decided to do a post for professional skincare products by Janssen. I’ve shown them in a haul video some time ago and finally it’s time to try them out!

I’ve bought 3 peel-off masks and 3 ampoules.

Three peel off masks:

  • Janssen Phytogen+ Myrtilla Red Mask
  • Janssen Ocean Minerals Peel Off Mask
  • Janssen Aloe De-Stress Peel Off Mask

And 3 ampoules:

  • Janssen Hyaluron Fluid
  • Janssen De Stress and
  • Janssen Hydro Chitosan.

The masks come in sachets, 50g or 1.7 oz. each. You have to mix it with water or face toner. The ampoules can be used as a serum and come in small glass vials, 1/16 fl.oz or 2 ml each.

The packaging says that you have to mix the content of 1 sachet with approximately 60ml of liquid of room temperature (20C/68F).

The important thing to know is that you can’t wash it down the toilet as first this is liquid but then transforms into a paste and can cause blockage.

janssen peel off mask photo janssenaloedestressmaskandhyaluronampule1of10_zpse2879706.jpg

I plan to use it as following:

  1. cleanse my face – first I’ve usef my St.Ives Apricot Scrub
  2. Then I manually cleansed my pores and applied Cattier cleansing mask
  3. Then I washed my face and applied a hydrating ampoule – Janssen Hyaluron Fluid:

 photo janssenaloedestressmaskandhyaluronampule3of10_zpsc88fa586.jpg

4. I then mixed Janssen Aloe De-Stress Peel Off Mask with some water (I used about 1/3 of this sachet and 1 glass of water) and applied it on my face.

janssen peel off mask photo janssenaloedestressmaskandhyaluronampule6of10_zpsa7aeea50.jpg

Here’s my bare skin:

 photo janssenaloedestressmaskandhyaluronampule7of10_zpscf15a6fe.jpg

Here I applied Janssen Aloe De-Stress Peel Off Mask. It is first very liquid and literally dripped off my nose.

 photo janssenaloedestressmaskandhyaluronampule8of10_zps8c93ebab.jpg

But after 15 minutes it dries up and you can peel it easily off your face:

 photo janssenaloedestressmaskandhyaluronampule9of10_zpsc39585b3.jpg

And this is the result:

janssen peel off mask photo janssenaloedestressmaskandhyaluronampule10of10_zpsb8da0b30.jpg

My Opinion

I did a good job at cleansing my skin before applying this mask so even though my pores were clean my skin was red and a bit irritated. It felt really nice having this on my face. First the Hyaluron Fluid was absorbed pretty directly after application. Clearly, my skin needed some good hydration. Then the peel off mask. It was pretty hard to mix it well with water, I spent definitely 5 minutes trying to make it even qua consistency. The other annoying thing was that once applied on my face it started dripping off my nose directly and my shirt was spoiled. A good thing to know for the next time. But the effect it gave to my skin…incredible. My skin was so hydrated and smooth, it hasn’t been like this in a really long time! It was literally plumped up and looked beautiful. I didn’t even need a day cream! Wonderful! I definitely recommend this to everyone. I think it’ll be great for any skin type.