Natural beauty products…It sounds really amazing and some say that this is the future. But is it really so?

I will tell you at once: I am indifferent to organic beauty. I just ignore it. I would much prefer buying a working cream that contains the ingredients that really work on my skin than an ‘organic’ something that does nothing. I don’t care about ingredients (mostly). I like and adore chemistry! I don’t understand what’s so bad about petrolatum, even it’s a by product of oil industry. And so? Many products are a by product of something. Many good working medicines were created on other purposes and men discovered that they had this certain ‘side effect’ which turned out to be a cure. The thing is, very often people just claim “petrolatum is bad” but are completely unable to explain why. And even if they are, the arguments are so vague.

In Russia many people have a ‘dacha’. It’s a sort of a summer house outside of the city, mostly somewhere in the middle of a forest. My granny also has one. She loves growing vegetables, like tomatoes (oh yes I know that tomato is a fruit…a berry even but I still consider it a vegetable), cucumbers, potatoes. When I buy a tomato in a supermarket it can stay in my fridge unharmed for a week. But when my granny gives me her tomatoes: which were grown with love only, no pesticides, no preservatives or anything like that. Her tomatoes get rotted within 2 days in my fridge. Oh yes they are delicious! But they get spoiled so fast! Do you see my point? Truly bio and organic products just can’t last long. It’s impossible. So the companies are obliged to use strong preservatives to conserve them. Do you see my point? Organic products it’s just the same as the normal ones, but with another sauce.


The other point why I don’t really like organic products is the fact that natural ingredients are very allergenic. I can’t stand products with honey for example: I get a reaction on my skin. I much prefer something really chemical that I know my skin can tolerate!

Last I want to tell you this. Don’t get me wrong, I think about our planet and the fact that the resources are scarce. Here again out petrolatum: as it’s a by-product, it’s pretty efficient and ‘bio’ from that point of view. I completely agree that the packaging should be recycled. But many ‘normal’, not bio brands do use recycled materials to make their packaging. And the last thing: if our resources are so scarce, why should we waste good natural products on creams and not on food?

Just IMHO. What do you think?