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This is a very light cream comparable to other non-professional brands. It's great for the summer or for young ladies who do not need a lot from their facial cream.

Overall effect

I’ve used up another facial cream so it’s time for a review!

Christina is a professional skincare brand and I started trying out its products about one year ago. I fell literally in love with Zaatar cream but as it’s been discontinued at this moment as the formula is being revised I had to find something else to use. As my skin is very sensitive I didn’t want to try out something with too much of an effect so I went for Christina Elastin Collagen Placental Enzyme Moisture Cream with Vitamins A, E & HA.

Christina Elastin Collagen Cream for Oily Skin

Elastin Collagen is a powerful line of unique moisturizers for everyday face and eye usage. These quality moisturizers complement any skin type from normal to oily and combination skin. The special Collagen and Elastin repairing formula incorporates eight natural moisturizing agents for long lasting hydration.

Christina Elastin Collagen placental enzyme cream
For oily and combination skin
Special moisturizing formula complements the activity of 8 natural moisturizing factors that cooperate in synergy, for long-lasting hydration.
Vitamins A and E for healthy, smooth skin with a uniform texture and a young appearance.

It comes in 2 sizes. I got the smaller one with 60ml/2 fl.oz of product in it. Both the sizes come in a squeeze tube:

christina elastin collagen creaM photo christinaoilyskincream1of2_zpseebc053b.jpg

The texture of this cream is really very, very light. It’s not a gel though:

christina elastin collagen creaM photo christinaoilyskincream2of2_zps79667c8c.jpg

My Opinion:

I think this cream is great for the young ladies not having too much trouble. If you just need some hydration from your cream: this will be a perfect choice for you. I did enjoy it most certainly during the summer months as during that time my skin doesn’t need a lot. But now I prefer to switch to something more heavy with more anti-aging and other ingredients. This is one of the lightest creams of Christina, I would say its effect is comparable to many French pharmacy creams. It’s not bad but I would expect more from a professional face cream!