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Mason Pearson brush is seriously amazing! I love it every day even more. It's super gentle for my hair and makes it look so good, sleek and shiny! I recommend it to everyone!


“What did you get for Christmas?” – “Hair brush!”

I agree, it sounds a bit…weird. But it’s not just a brush. It’s THE brush. Seriously, I’ve read so many positive reviews on it and still couldn’t believe that a hair brush can be this amazing. But oh yes it can!

Frankly, I am nog a big expert in hair brushes. I never knew how to choose a good one, how to check bristles, why there are so many different shapes and hair styling with a brush is still an horror for me. So I’ve had my doubts for a really long time whether it was worth its money. Oh yes it definitely is worth every single penny!

The packaging is a nice retro carton box. Mason Pearson – is an old English brush making company, created by Mason Pearson in the mid 19th century. These are the real brushes of huge quality! They will serve you through your whole life, at least that’s what many reviews said! And if it’s treated properly.

mason pearson brush sensitive photo masonpearsonannabeautybox1_zps6dd129ca.jpg

The most popular Mason Pearson brush model is of course Junior. That’s the one you should choose if you have normal hair, without any problems.

Mason Pearson Junior Brush

Mason Pearson Junior Brush

How to choose a perfect Mason Pearson Brush model?

First, you should choose the material

  • Bristle tufts, for fine to normal hair
  • Mix of bristle and nylon tufts for normal to thick or long hair
  • Nylon tufts for thick or wiry hair

Then you can choose from different sizes and shapes:

  • Standard brushes (with handle) Large, the biggest size, perfect for ladies with lots of hair or very long hair
  • Standard brush Medium, a bit smaller one, for medium length hair
  • Standard brush Handy, even smaller one, for short to medium hair
  • Standard brush Pocket, a pocket size brush
  • Standard brush Sensitive, for sensitive scalp and very fine to thinning hair
  • Military brush (without handle) Large, bigger one
  • Military brush Medium, middle size
  • Child brushes
  • Combs
Mason Pearson Military Sensitive Brush

Mason Pearson Military Sensitive Brush

Mason Pearson C2 Comb

Mason Pearson C2 Comb


You can also choose the colour of your brush (black, white, blue and pink).

As I have very thin hair my husband chose Mason Pearson Sensitive brush for me in Handy size. And of course it is pink! :) This model is also called Mason Pearson SB3, it’s made entirely from bristle tufts.

 photo masonpearsonannabeautybox2_zpsa68a64a2.jpg

The set includes:

  • the brush itself
  • carton box
  • description
  • recommendations for care
  • special cleansing brush

It’s better if you keep your brush in some place without dust. I keep it in a small bag. Otherwise it will attract a lot of dust and you’ll have to clean it a lot more often.

Handy seems like the best size to me. It’s not too big or chunky, I can easily manipulate it and it doesn’t take too much place.

mason pearson brush sensitive photo masonpearsonannabeautybox5_zps38067376.jpg

Bristle tufts a bit closer:

mason pearson brush sensitive photo masonpearsonannabeautybox6_zpscd352b65.jpg

Mason Pearson brush: my opinion

I love it! Seriously, I understand all of the people who rave about it. It’s just perfect! My Mason Pearson brush really does wonders for my hair, it’s so soft and gentle with it, I forgot what it is to break my hair with a brush. My hair is so soft, elastic and shiny it’s amazing! Of course it’s price is on the high side but it’s worth every cent of it! I recommend it!

  • Where to Buy:

[button style=’primary’ url=’http://www.escentual.com/mason-pearson-brushes/’ target=’_blank’ icon=’entypo-basket’]Escentual[/button]

(UK delivery: £1.95; free on orders over £30; rest of the world: £4.95).