Catrice is also coming out with a new collection soon: Catrice Nude Purism!

Ease. Elegance. Freshness. In spring 2015, designers are loving the interaction of transparent fabrics and beautiful, flowing cuts. Soft nude tones, off white, sand and pink go hand in hand. The new wardrobe embraces elegant, all-over nude as a trendy understatement. New interpretations of 90’s fashion are convincing with their pure minimalism. The Limited Edition “Nude Purism” by CATRICE picks up on the trend with a perfectly aligned “no make-up” or “nude” look; a feminine and extremely natural-looking make-up style that dominated all the big fashion shows this season. From the end of February until the end of March 2015, this edition offers long-lasting quattro eyeshadows, lipsticks with a glossy finish as well as nail polishes in taupe, coffee, rosé and a cool light blue. The absolute eye-catcher of the collection is the highlighter with a 3D relief structure for subtle light reflections on your face and neckline. Nude sets the tone – by CATRICE.

I like the name of the collection already! Here is the sneak peek preview:

Nude Purism by CATRICE – Nude Eye Colour Quattro

Catrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_EyeColourQuattro_01_zpsmzbpbnoh.jpgCatrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_EyeColourQuattro_02_zpsqm0fykrj.jpg
Neutrals. There are two convincing versions with four trendy nude colours each: sand, rosé and coffee are complemented by a cool light blue; taupe, pale pink and soft pink are accompanied by a dark aubergine. Both clusters of four contain matt as well as silky-shimmering shades that can be combined to create an expressive eye make-up look with fabulous shading. The smooth textures are long-lasting, offer maximum coverage and are easy to apply. Available in C01 Naked Brown and C02 Taupe-less.

Normally I like Catrice eye shadow, but these shades do not particularly attract me!

Nude Purism by CATRICE – Gentle Lip Colour

Catrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_GentleLipColour_closed_zpswgnbmfby.jpgCatrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_GentleLipColour_01_zpsso8syy93.jpgCatrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_GentleLipColour_02_zpsqmwrbgm7.jpgCatrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_GentleLipColour_03_zpspqdecczl.jpgCatrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_GentleLipColour_04_zpsxrwygpu9.jpg
Soft and Shiny. The four subtly graduated nude nuances light toffee, feminine pink and rosé as well as classic rosewood create soft and natural colour accents on your lips. The creamy texture has a shiny finish. Sure to fit into any handbag: the premium stylo packaging in matt black. Available in C01 Barely Pink, C02 Silky Rose, C03 Delicate Rosewood and C04 Nearly Nude.

I love Catrice lipsticks and can’t wait to try these ones out! They look amazing.

Nude Purism by CATRICE – Pure Shimmer Highlighter

Catrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_NudeHighlighter_zpsapby1gjt.jpg
Skin Couture. The most beautiful (under)statement of this edition is a true eye-catcher: the Pure Shimmer Highlighter. The attractive 3D relief structure of the ultra-silky pressed powder is reminiscent of a softly shimmering honeycomb. Finely graded nude and light-reflecting pigments set subtle highlights on your face and neckline. Available in one colour version.

This shimmer looks pretty interesting actually!

Nude Purism by CATRICE – Nude Nail Lacquer

Catrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_UNL_C01_Mauve_zpsi4dvaujd.jpgCatrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_UNL_C02_Hellrosa_zpsdcaawzzp.jpgCatrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_UNL_C03_Hellblau_zpsz6tiww1p.jpgCatrice Nude Purism photo Catr_NudePurism_UNL_C04_Braun_zpsek9yi2tu.jpg
Pure Perfection. Coffee, rosé, taupe and cool light blue are welcoming the spring season and are a perfect match for the new nude shades of the designer dresses. The Nude Nail Lacquer promises ultimate colours – with and without effects – ultimate coverage and ultimate shine, which is sure to turn these limited shades into the must-haves of the season. Available in C01 Taupe-less, C02 Barely Pink, C03 Pure Blue, C04 Naked Brown.

The Barely Pink shade is so sweet! I’m in love!

Did you like anything from Catrice Nude Purism collection?