Did you know Disney is coming out with a new Cinderella movie in 2015? I can’t wait! That means many (hopefully) amazing makeups and inspiring looks! To get inspired a little bit already: due to this movie, Essence is coming out with the new Cinderella 2015 collection! It will be available in March 2015 in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Omar, and Qatar.

With an enchanting mix of colours, this collection features mother-of-pearl, gold, rose, purple, red and blue in cosmetics for your eyes, lips, face and nails. The highlighter in a three-dimensional rose design is an absolute must for creating a soft, rosy glow while the iridescent lip glosses give perfect sparkle and shine! You can even decorate your nails using eye-catching Cinderella nail stickers!

essence Cinderella – eyeshadow palette

Essence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_eyeshadow_palette_01_zpsnihsgjgj.jpg

Five perfectly aligned eyeshadows with a silky-soft texture in one palette. Mother-of-pearl, rose, purple, light and dark blue as well as gold will help you create eye make-up styles for any occasion. Available in 01 it’s more than I ever hoped for.

It looks really cute and feminine!

essence Cinderella – lipgloss

Essence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_lipgloss_02_zpsnscd1tnb.jpgEssence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_lipgloss_01_zps3jxhg6h9.jpg

Two new lipglosses in a romantic pastel rose and daring bright red which combine iridescent glitter particles to make lips sparkle. Available in 01 sing, sweet nightingale and 02 so this is love.

One lipstick for an vampy stepmother, another one for sweet Cinderella :)


essence Cinderella – blush

Essence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_blush_opened_zpsa1s4hno9.jpgEssence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_blush_offen_zpsxphx9du1.jpg

With this highly pigmented powder blush, your complexion gets a fresh new look. A gentle sweep on your cheeks is enough for a soft rouge touch! Available in 01 so this is love.

The colour does look very intense!

essence Cinderella – highlighter

Essence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_highlighter_powder_zps12mejq0w.jpgEssence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_highlighter_powder_offen_zpsriw7veqo.jpg

Create soft, rose shimmer accents on your face and neckline with the highlighter powder – the ultimate item for a radiant complexion. Available in 01 the glass slipper.

I absolutely love the design with roses! Looks really sweet.

essence Cinderella – nail polish

Essence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_nailpolish_04_zps49bouja2.jpgEssence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_nailpolish_03_zpsbz4m642i.jpgEssence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_nailpolish_02_zpscocddemp.jpgEssence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_nailpolish_01_zpsem5raft0.jpg

Introducing four exciting nail colours with two different effects! Rose and purple provide nails with a smooth porcelain finish while blue and gold offer a cool metallic effect. Available in 01 sing, sweet nightingale, 02 bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, 03 prince charming and 04 watch out lady tremaine!

The pink shades look so lovely! The blue shade also looks very interesting.

essence Cinderella – glitter topper

Essence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_nail_sticker_02_zpsz2seadqn.jpgEssence Cinderella 2015 photo ess_cinderella_nail_sticker_01_zpsv7fhf39d.jpg

A sparkling top coat with silver flakes and iridescent glitter in purple and blue creates awesome effects on your nails. Simply apply on top of your favorite polish or on your natural nail for added sparkle! Available in 01 the glass slipper.

Ok this is a bit too girly for me but I think my little sister will love it!

What do you think of new Cinderella 2015 collection by Essence?