Hi darlings! I hope you’re all fine and enjoying the last winter days! The sun is shining brightly here and filling me with positive energy. So I was having some flashbacks and thinking about our wedding preparations. How we were choosing the colors of our wedding, the theme…so I decided to share some of it with you!

At first we wanted bright colors for our wedding, so we chose orange and blue-green:

wedding colours photo couleurs_zps4obkpshv.jpg

But then decided to take something more calm and classic: 

wedding colours blue pink white grey photo couleurs_zpsqmbmispa.jpg

I love the mix of navy blue, light and dark pink shades, silver and white. The stripe in the middle is not a hole, it’s white colour uniting them all :)

Some inspirational photos for our color sheme:

navy blue pink wedding photo inspiration-boards-pinkbluegarden_zpsaw1mlfy2.jpg

navy blue pink wedding photo pink-navy-wedding-colour_zpsokonuesn.jpg

navy blue pink wedding photo pinknavysilver_zpsumz09zp7.jpg

We also love Disney movies so initially we wanted to do a Disney wedding. In the end we changed the idea for ‘Fairy Tale’ and ‘Magic’ wedding because Disney is too quickly associated with Mickey Mouse (which we both hate). So we decided to leave just some background Disney inspiration (Disney music after the ceremony, the Chinese lanterns and some minor decorations).

Nevertheless I still have some great ideas for a Disney wedding on my computer. First, instead of table numbers you can give your table the names of your favorite Disney movies with a cute quote about love:

disney wedding ideas photo IMG_0916_zpsezswu7ms.jpg

Wedding invitations – prince and princess:

 photo 3d_zpshjt1bwum.jpg

And here are some of our wedding decorations!

As for the table centerpiece we were inspired by Beauty and the Beast:

beauty and the beast wedding decoration

Оформление свадебного стола “Красавица и Чудовище”

My husband made these table decorations:

 photo our wedding decoration 1 of 1_zpslogbw83g.jpg

All our guests loved it! They thought it was beautiful, minimalistic but classy and very original!

Our wedding arch was also pretty minimalistic. We added some ivory tissue and 2 beautiful bouquets which were very similar to my wedding bouquet!

 photo our wedding decoration 2 of 1_zpsqpvrd2p1.jpg

But I’ll focus on flowers, our wedding cake and glasses the next time!

Here are some more inspirational photos for a Disney wedding:


disney wedding dresses

Disney characters’ Wedding Dresses

Some decoration ideas:

disney wedding decoration subtle

Simple Disney decoration ideas

We also loved these pieces with floating candles:

beauty and the beast wedding centerpiece

Wedding table pieces with floating candles

Guests’ presents:

Happyli ever after

Happily Ever After

Disney wedding cake (even though it’s a bit too much on my opinion):

disney wedding cake

Disney wedding cake

You can also offer your guests cocktails inspired on Disney characters:

disney wedding cocktails

Disney wedding cocktails

‘And at last I see the light…’ – of course!

at last i see the light

Chinese lanterns for a wedding (from Tangled)

For all the Mickey Mouse fans:

mikki mouse wedding glasses

Mickey Mouse wedding glasses

Have fun preparing your wedding!