All moms to be ask themselves the same question: ‘How to choose the best stroller/pushchair?’ It’s one thing that you will need for sure when you’re having a baby. But it’s also a very pricy thing and normally you’re going to use it for a couple of years. You could say it’s an instestment! So you definitely want to have one which is good. No, great – both for you and your baby! I decided to share my opinion and experience with you, give you my advice and review the strollers/pushchairs that I tested.

If you don’t see this video you can watch it here.

To make your choice even easier I created an Excel document. It includes all the technical characteristics of all the strollers that I tested, their prices and other information as well as my experience. I also built in a program that will help you make your choice! This document is absolutely free and you can download it here:

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I’ve tested the following strollers/highchairs: