I’ve started with T25 challenge this Monday. I want my beach body back! Now, I have to have some comparison material. So I decided that I dare and I’m going to show you my body after giving birth!

I posted this picture Monday on my Instagram:

Starting today: focus T25 challenge! Are you with me? #focust25 #annabeautybox_t25 #day1 #alphat25

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Everyone’s asking herself, how is my body going to change after giving birth?

I can’t really answer that question because it depends on many things. I can tell you one thing though: it IS going to change. Even if you eat super clean through your whole pregnancy and only eat healthy foods.

It’s all because of the hormones. Your hips are getting larger to let the baby pass, your skin is getting more elastic, you’ll definitely need a larger bra (like two or three sizes!) Even my feet are one size bigger one. Although, this is the only thing that is actually going to stay.

The rest, you can do something about it!

This is how my body looks like now:

My body after giving birth

My body after giving birth

It surely is not bad. It’s been almost 6 months that I’ve given birth to my son. I don’t have any striae, my stomach is just rounder and fuller than before the pregnancy. My biggest ‘problem’ are my hips and thighs. This has always been my problem zone. I think there’s no shape right now and I don’t even begin telling you about cellulitis.

Side view:

My body after giving birth

My body after giving birth

What I want to achieve is this:

My body 1,5 years ago

My body 1,5 years ago

This picture is from about 1,5 years back!

How did your body look like after giving birth? Were/are you happy with it? And what are you going to do about it?