It’s been almost 6 months since my son is born. The time flies! If you also count the 9 months of pregnancy with it I haven’t done anything for as long as 15 months now! Wow! It’s time to change that.

First I was really nauseous, even had to go to the hospital to get treated. Couldn’t even think of workout. Then I kind of got used to doing nothing. I did still walk almost every day.

Then I gave birth to my son, my body needed some rest and then I thought ‘oh it will come one day’.

And I decided that this day has come! I will not wait any longer and start changing things right away!

So I decided to start again with Focus T25 program by Shaun T. I’ve achieved good results with it in the past and I will do everything to achieve them again!

Voilà haha this post is online so there’s no way back! Will you join me? And what kind of workout do you do after giving birth?