Hey! Thanks for visiting Annabeautybox.com!

I’m really glad you want to know more about me and this website. I am 26 years old, my name is Anna and here is the thing : I’m an international citizen. What does that mean? Well, I’m Russian, but I’ve lived many years in the Netherlands. Then I’ve spent some time in France, 6 months in China and a couple of months in Riga. And who knows? Maybe tomorow I’ll be elsewhere!
Make-up and beauty is my biggest hobby but I don’t do it for living. I have a bachelor in World Economies with a major in International Finance. That’s quite far from the beauty world! But I love make-ups and other beauty things or skincare products, and also clothes! Long story short, everything related to beauty attracts me!

So, if it comes to my website: what is Annabeautybox.com?

It is all about beauty. Well, that makes sense, of course, but I really want to add something different in there : my multi-cultural vision. You see, most of the beauty blogs and websites are talking from one point of view. But if there is one thing I’ve learnt about beauty in every place I’ve been, it’s that something trendy or loved in one place might be completely different in another place. That made me think differently, trying others things, considering others views… So the aim of this site is double, really : I want to share my love of make-up and skincare products with you all, of course, but I also want to talk about it in an international way! I really hope you guys will enjoy it!

Anyway, please don’t hesitate to give me any feedback, I would be really glad to read it!



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