When I was reading reviews for this powder I couldn’t wait till I would buy it. It promised to do wonders with your face: erase all signs of aging, dullness, even out skin tone, make your skin flawless, young and dewy. I decided to buy it and decide for myself. Today I will review Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder in 2.

Product description:

Extremely light and fine, Micro-fil™ loose powder reduces shine and evens out your skin tone. The complexion is left natural and luminous. All skin types.
-extremely light and fine finishing powder
-reduces shine
-evens out skin tone *

My opinion:

Packaging and design: 7,5 out of 10.

It comes in a matte black box. The powder itself is in a transparent plastic pot. The top is made of matte plastic. Nothing special at all. I do admit that its sponge is quite useful: I like applying powder with it a lot. The powder has 15 grams of product.
Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder

Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder

Texture: 10 out of 10.

It is true that texture of this powder is divine. It is soft, silky, absolutely invisible on the skin. It disappears from face the moment you apply it, it is impossible to get the powdered effect. Great quality!

The shade I’ve got – #2 – s the darkest shade. I can’t say it’s dark though: it suits my fair skin very well. It is neutral beige with no pink undertone. You can see its shade compared with the shades of other loose powders that I have here.

Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder


It is a powder of great quality, that for sure. But it is not for everyone. For example, it will be a miser if your skin has some imperfections. It doesn’t cover anything at all if you apply it on your bare face. It does even the skin tone out a bit, but even if you have a tiny bit of redness you’ll need to use a concealer. It is also not for the ones with oily skin. It will simply not hold. I would say it is a good powder for the ones with dry/normal skin. Next is that it will be a definite misser if you’re searching for a powder to use for photo shoots. Because of its light reflecting pigments it tends to look very shiny on the photos with flash. Here is a good example. And the last point. Despite of what the promo says, it is not a mattifying powder! On the contrary. It can make your face look more shiny than it actually is.

Summing it up, this powder is not for you if:
– you have skin imperfections,
– your skin is oily,
– you’re looking for a photoshoot-proof powder,
– you’re looking for a mattifying powder,
– you live in a hot humid climate.

If not, this powder is gorgeous. It does look very well on the face, it refreshes your face, makes it look younger and prettier. I prefer wearing it over a light foundation as a finishing touch.

Overall mark: 7,5 out of 10.

Price: 49 dollars for 15 grams

More photos:

My bare face:

bare face

1 coat of Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder:

Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder

2 coats of Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder, under eye and facial concealers:

Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder

2 coats of Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder, full makeup:

Giorgio Armani Micro Fil Loose Powder

* Source: giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com

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