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Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Buff 4. Review, photos and swatches

Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite makeup brands, especially what refers to their face products (foundations) and concealer–corrector system. Frankly I am not too familiar with the other products but there’s one other thing that I love: it is this nude lipgloss. It comes in a nice basic plastic …

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bobbi brown concealer

Bobbi Brown Concealer. Review, photos and swatches

Last week I started with a post about Bobbi Brown Corrector, this week I’ll continue talking about concealers. This time it’s about Bobbi Brown Concealer. As I explained in the previous post Bobbi Brown’s system is as following: first you apply a corrector to even out the skin tone and …

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bobbi brown foundation stick

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Sand 2. Review, photos, swatches

Bobbi Brown foundation stick. I used to love this product so much, I used it practically every day. And then something happened and I forgot about this. It was somewhere stayed in my stash and I completely forgot that’s even had this. Until one days rediscovered it. I applied it …

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Video: favourites of 2012!

Today I want to show you the products I used the most in 2012. These are the products that all deserve your attention, they are the best of the best. I will show you my favourites that I discovered in 2012. These will include skin care times, makeup and tools, …

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Review: Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation in 2 Sand

Winter is coming and I figured a review for a good moisturizing foundation would be more than appropriate. I’ve been using this foundation for the whole last winter. It was perfect in the cold times. Anyway, I love all the foundation products from Bobbi Brown that I’ve tried. This is …

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Basic makeup brushes and all you need to know about it

Hey darlings! Yes, today I will explain you everything you need to know about the brushes! If you have never used a brush before, you might be wondering :”Why do we need them for? I’m fine applying my makeup with sponges/my hands.” That’s what I thought before, too. And I …

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