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essence lip liner

Essence Lipliner: best budget lip liner + new shades in my collection!

Essence Lipliner is the best budget lip liner that I’ve ever tried! Seriously, the quality is really good. I like it more than Guerlain or Chanel liner! And I mean what I say. They are buttery but do not smudge, I can apply them without a lip balm, they don’t …

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Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Best Drugstore Concealer?

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Best Drugstore Concealer?

I’ve heard so many good stuff about this concealer! Practically every blogger who ever bought it raves about it and I’ve even heard words like “this is the best drugstore concealer”! So of course as soon as I came to London I had to have it right away! Before the …

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Catrice Better Than False Lashes Ultra Black Mascara. Review and photos

Catrice is a popular German drugstore makeup brand. In France you can only find it in big cities so for me it’s not available here but whenever we are in the Netherlands I always buy something from Catrice. This time I couldn’t resist for a new mascara: Catrice Better Than …

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loreal nude magique eau de teint

L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint: Review, Photos and Swatches

A perfect foundation: myth or reality? That’s the question I’m always asking myself. And even though I have a couple of favorites now, 90% of them are high-end products which mean: pricey! That’s why lately I’ve been focusing mainly on the drugstore segment. I want to have the same the …

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B & C Laboratories AHA mild chemical peeling and deep cleansing soap review

When we were in China my skin started to break out. Badly. I was in desperate need of good products. Through the years I developed a small skincare theory: I thought it was best to use local products because as I thought, they were adapted for the climate and other …

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