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Best Sunscreen Holy Land Sunbrella Demi Make-Up Review

Summer time is coming so it’s high time to get a new sunscreen! Holy Land Sunbrella Demi Make-Up is the best sunscreen that I know and although I already wrote a short review to it here I decided to write this post anyway because this product deserves your attention! Holy Land …

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Holy Land Cosmetics Skin Care Review (Calm Red Balm, Eye Therapy, Q10 Cream, Lactolan Peeling, Special Mask, Double Action, Sunbrella)

Today I will continue reviewing Holy Land Cosmetics products. Last time I reviewed cleansing products, toners and hydration. Holy Land Nighttime Strengthening Balm Calm Red. This is a night hydrating balm from the Calm Red line (specially for sensitive and redness-prone skin). This balm should hydrate, make your skin soft …

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Holy Land Cosmetics Skin Care Review (C the Success Cleanser and Cream, A-Nox Sugar Soap, Super Lotion, ABR Restoring Cream)

I love skin care products, I love testing them and I always hope to find something even better. I’ve heard about professional skin care brands and I always wondered if they were really much better than the ‘standard’ ones. I’ve been using professional hair care products for quite a long …

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Video: favourites of 2012!

Today I want to show you the products I used the most in 2012. These are the products that all deserve your attention, they are the best of the best. I will show you my favourites that I discovered in 2012. These will include skin care times, makeup and tools, …

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